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Levin Vitaliy Il'ich, Honoured scientist of Russia, doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of mathematics, Penza State Technological University, (1a Baydukova lane, Penza, Russia),

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The article reads about the scientific biography of the distinguished medical scientist, teacher and remarkable person Iosif Abramovich Kassirsky. The author presents an in-depth study of scientific, pedagogical, organizational and medical activity. The work point out scientist’s important role in creation of soviet scientific and medical school in the field of hematology and tropical diseases. Great attention is paid to the description of an outstanding, vivid human personality of I. A. Kassirsky. The author adduces multiple reminiscences by scientist’s colleagues, friends, apprentices and relatives, lively reconstituting various aspects of his life and activity. The author analyzed main features of scientist’s research and pedagogical activety in the field of medicine, his scientific organizational and public activity. Humanity of I. A. Kassirsky is of especially remarkable. It is the humanity that is mostly recalled by his contemporaries. In conclusion the author gives general evaluation of the scientific level of works by Iosif Abramovich Kassirsky in the field of medicine and the scientific school established by him. The article includes a detailed list of scientist’s main publications [1–24].

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I. A. Kassirsky, scientist, doctor, human, medicine, diagnostics, scientific school, personality of the scientist.

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